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Preventive Maintenance


How long has it been since your last cooling system tune-up?
 If you can't remember then it's probably been too long. Most manufactures require maintenance be performed every six months to honor any parts warranties the system may carry. Routine maintenance can catch a small problem before it can become an expensive repair. Routine maintenance can also improve the efficiency of your system and improve the quality of the air you breath in your home. Call today to schedule your $59 tune up special or sign up for our annual  maintenance program and receive a free tune up as a special thank you from us.



  1. Check filter and return vent.
  2. Test and calibrate thermostat
  3. Clean indoor coil in place with self rinse
  4. Inspect blower housing for debris
  5. Test blower motor amperage
  6. Wipe down air handler cabinet
  7. Flush primary drain line and pan
  8. Clean condensor coil in place
  9. Remove leaves and from condensor base pan
  10. Inspect compressor contactor
  11. Test condensor motor amperage
  12. Test compressor amperage
  13. Inspect all relays for proper operation
  14. Test all capacitors for proper voltage
  15. Inspect electrical disconnect
  16. Test compressor start capacity
  17. Test all safety devices
  18. Secure all wiring
  19. Provide written report of overall system operation
All this and more for only $59.00
Air Medics Annual Maintenance Program
Enroll in our Annual Maintenance Program today and receive 3 super tune ups for the price of 2. Just sign up for the program and we will perform the first tune up at your home. The remaining tune ups will be scheduled on an every six month basis. You get everything listed in the super tune plus some additional benefits.
  1. Priority customer status- Same day service for annual maintenance members
  2. 10% discount on all repairs- Receive 10% off your total on all repairs.
  3. No charge drain cleaning- If your drain line backs up while your plan is active, we will clean it for free



 Call us to set up your Annual Maintenance Plan today

 Now only $125 per system
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